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Conversations – 3/10/2017

Coral and Creation Science – This isn’t as polemic as some of the stuff Sheologians puts out, but I just really enjoyed it as a fairly rambling and compelling exploration of some of the rebuttals creation science makes to the mainstream scientific establishment. I think we tend to have the attitude that scientists have a fundamentally different type of knowledge than the rest of us. The reality, however, is that scientists are every inch as susceptible to the pressures of their own worldview and, frequently, are even more blind to the effect those pressures have on their perception of the facts. Continue reading

Conversations – 1/13/2017

I am altering the deal – pray I don’t alter it any further

Every previous rise of a so-called sexual minority came with its mantra “leave us alone,” but not with the transgender revolutionaries. Their demand is not “leave us alone,” but “notice us and pay for our expensive gender-reassignment surgery.” This is something very new.

Continue reading

Conversations 10/21/16

I think last week was purging my system for a lot of this election stuff. I promise, no more political ranting in this column until after this gigantic, festering pit of an election has wrapped up.

On more a blog admin angle, I would really like to encourage more layfolk to submit material. Most of the stuff we’ve published so far is from various ministers and elders around the denomination, and while I’m thrilled to have so many voices from church leadership speaking, I’d really like to hear from the church at large. The site does have publishing guidelines, but Continue reading

Conversations – 10/14/16

This political season has been nasty, unpleasant, and absurdly ungodly. Nevertheless, as things are coming to a head, I thought that it would be a profitable exercise to collect a number of articles which I believe deal with the topic from a distinctly Christian perspective. Additionally, I’ll give you the short take of my own position on this mess. Continue reading

Review – The Briefing

Part of what I hope this blog will be is a resource to help the people in our congregations know where they can find good, biblical content to read, listen to, etc…. I realize that my Friday column, Conversations, essentially serves this purpose, but I wanted to spend a bit more time on Continue reading