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Conversations – 4/21/2017

J. Gresham Machen

He was worth a hundred of his fellows who, as princes of the church, occupy easy places and play their church politics and trim their sails to every wind, who in their smug observance of the convictions of life and religion offend all honest and searching spirits. No forthright mind can live among them, neither the honest skeptic nor the honest dogmatist.
Pearl S. Buck

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Conversations – 2/17/2017

Recovering Friendship РThis podcast rambles over quite a few topics related to counseling, but the one which really jumped out to me was the importance of figuring out how we do friendship and community in the church. If the appeal Continue reading

Conversations – 1/6/2017

Happy New Year all, it’s good to be back. This Conversations is likely to be wider than thinner than some, since so much time has gone by since our last edition, but hopefully I can give you a few things to digest while you’re attempting to fulfill all those resolution about working out.

Also, being the new year, I’d like to encourage any of our regular readers in the BPC to consider producing content for the blog. It is still part of my vision for the blog that it would help the BPC to thrive and have a public voice, so having voices from diverse places within our denominational boundaries is vital to that success. Continue reading

Conversations – 12/16/2016

Coercion in the University РThis is another Mortification of Spin podcast which follows up on a situation we mentioned in a previous Conversations concerning Anthony Esolen, a Catholic professor at a Catholic university. I mention this podcast mainly because it crystallizes Continue reading

Conversations 10/21/16

I think last week was purging my system for a lot of this election stuff. I promise, no more political ranting in this column until after this gigantic, festering pit of an election has wrapped up.

On more a blog admin angle, I would really like to encourage more layfolk to submit material. Most of the stuff we’ve published so far is from various ministers and elders around the denomination, and while I’m thrilled to have so many voices from church leadership speaking, I’d really like to hear from the church at large. The site does have publishing guidelines, but Continue reading

Conversations – 10/14/16

This political season has been nasty, unpleasant, and absurdly ungodly. Nevertheless, as things are coming to a head, I thought that it would be a profitable exercise to collect a number of articles which I believe deal with the topic from a distinctly Christian perspective. Additionally, I’ll give you the short take of my own position on this mess. Continue reading