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On Building Bridges

Bridges are fun. You can get up on them and look down on water, boats, canyons, rocks and all sorts of things. Beyond aesthetics and entertainment, bridges conveniently link places together. Bridges also link people together. People need to have bridges built to them. Being a Christian is being a bridge-builder. Bridge-builders, it would seem, can get great. In ancient Rome, the Pontifex Maximus (the “Greatest Bridge-Builder”) was the ranking state priest, the head of a college of priests. Later on, from the time of Augustus, the Roman Emperors took this label upon themselves. The head of Imperial Rome was the Chief Bridge-Builder. After the fall of Rome as a political power, the title of Pontifex Maximus was (not surprisingly) assumed to the Papacy.  The current Pope, Francis, is only the sixth non-Italian pope since the Council of Constance (1417). All bridges might not lead to Rome, but nearly all Papal bridges appear to lead somewhere in Italy. This is all none too catholic, but I digress. Continue reading

Until All is Leavened

Beloved, God gives gifts. Let us pray that, in his rich grace, he would visit the congregations of the Bible Presbyterian Church. May our God bolster and shape our weekly worship. May he give us strong and loving families built upon faithful marriages. Specifically, let us pray that our God would also give to us a deep, driving desire to make Jesus known to unbelievers. May he encourage our evangelism. Continue reading

Reforming Evangelism: Fundamental Principles


My first day at college was a memorable one. I met one of my roommates as I was unloading and we began to talk about where we were from, what our majors were, what churches we attended, and so on.  When I told him I was a Bible Presbyterian, he remarked, “Oh! So you don’t believe in evangelism then.” He was suffering under the common, yet mistaken, idea that Reformed theology kills evangelical zeal. Sometimes, Continue reading

Conversations – 10/28/16

Sorry for the tardiness and brevity today – bad, crazy week at work. I’ll just jump right into it.  Continue reading

Conversations – 9/30/16

This column is intended to be a weekly column, wherein I assemble a list of interesting links to other web-based content for your consideration. This is not creative. It is perhaps Continue reading