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What Comes First: Live Birth or Table Food?

We live in a period of time in which individualism is huge and the centrality of the church is almost non-existent. One casualty of this unfortunate arrangement is that coming to the Eucharistic Meal is seen almost solely as an individual’s personal choice, not as a matter of the official ministry of the church. As a campus pastor of mine put it Continue reading

Protest and Confusion: Polemics and Mysticism in the Eucharistic Doctrines of Zwingli and Calvin

Stereotypical treatments of the Protestant approaches to eucharistic doctrine tend to begin with Luther on one side, maintaining an almost crypto-Catholic doctrine of real, physical presence, progress downward through Calvin, who reduces the presence to a “spiritual” presence, and further to Zwingli, who eliminates presence altogether in favor of a mere memorialism. Once one studies the actual writings of the Reformers charitably, Continue reading