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Conversations – 1/6/2017

Happy New Year all, it’s good to be back. This Conversations is likely to be wider than thinner than some, since so much time has gone by since our last edition, but hopefully I can give you a few things to digest while you’re attempting to fulfill all those resolution about working out.

Also, being the new year, I’d like to encourage any of our regular readers in the BPC to consider producing content for the blog. It is still part of my vision for the blog that it would help the BPC to thrive and have a public voice, so having voices from diverse places within our denominational boundaries is vital to that success. Continue reading

Conversations – 12/16/2016

Coercion in the University РThis is another Mortification of Spin podcast which follows up on a situation we mentioned in a previous Conversations concerning Anthony Esolen, a Catholic professor at a Catholic university. I mention this podcast mainly because it crystallizes Continue reading

Conversations – 12/2/2016

Sorry that I missed you all last week, with the break, but happy to be back now. Continue reading