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Conversations – 2/24/2017

Walk the Talk

The reality that a great deal of professing Calvinists are graceless to those around them – which is one that I am not alone in noticing – bears witness that a Calvinism that is inch deep is no better than no Calvinism at all.JD Hall

If you are primarily acquainted with Calvinism through the internet, this probably surprised you not at all, but I am increasingly Continue reading

Reforming Evangelism: Fundamental Principles


My first day at college was a memorable one. I met one of my roommates as I was unloading and we began to talk about where we were from, what our majors were, what churches we attended, and so on.  When I told him I was a Bible Presbyterian, he remarked, “Oh! So you don’t believe in evangelism then.” He was suffering under the common, yet mistaken, idea that Reformed theology kills evangelical zeal. Sometimes, Continue reading

Pursuing a Warm-Hearted Reformed Piety

Ian Hamilton has written that Calvinism is not “first and foremost a theological system; it is more fundamentally a “religious attitude.”[1] As any parent is fully aware, attitudes can be both agreeable and detestable among the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve. So it is with Calvinists as well. Hamilton’s statement begs the question Continue reading