For specific formatting concerns, please see the style guide and publishing guidelines documents, especially if you are composing content through the blog’s content management system. If you expect to be a regular contributor to the blog, I will expect you to register an account with the blog and submit your content through the CMS, in accordance with the style guide. If you are only an occasional contributor (read: once or twice a year), it will be acceptable to send me a Word file with your content. Email such submissions to Even if you are submitting content composed in Word, please consider the style guide for consistency. The editor will have to adapt your content to the conventions of the style guide, so the closer you get, the less time I have to spend.

Also, The Manna and the Stone is happy to publish (or adapt) previously existing material, providing that material is not replicated elsewhere on the internet. We would really like to create and foreground new content, but we are also happy to be an outlet to make available the best thinking and writing of the BPC, regardless of when it was created.