The Manna and the Stone

A Theological and Practical Journal of Bible Presbyterians

Author: Leonard Pine

A Tale of Two Covenants


I would assume that you are well acquainted with the phrase, “work ethic.” By it, we usually mean that someone works hard to not only accomplish the bare minimum of their work, but is internally motivated and disciplined to excel, without someone constantly looking over their shoulder to make sure they do what they are supposed to be doing. This is a good thing, in most cases, and we properly admire such efforts.

There is a point, however, Continue reading

Reforming Evangelism: Fundamental Principles


My first day at college was a memorable one. I met one of my roommates as I was unloading and we began to talk about where we were from, what our majors were, what churches we attended, and so on.  When I told him I was a Bible Presbyterian, he remarked, “Oh! So you don’t believe in evangelism then.” He was suffering under the common, yet mistaken, idea that Reformed theology kills evangelical zeal. Sometimes, Continue reading

The Problem with Nutshells

Most everyone is familiar with the figure of speech “in a nutshell.” I suppose the phrase, which usually refers to someone’s explanation of a concept in a short and simple way, was coined as a colorful way to describe something so short that if written down it could be contained in, yes, a nutshell. I’ve never learned Continue reading

Rejecting a “Designer God”

Not long ago I spent a week in training for our region’s Crisis Intervention Team, focusing upon dealing with people who because of mental illness or disability are unable to respond rationally and calmly to the demands of life. The special emphasis of this training was upon these situations from the perspective of law enforcement. How can you de-escalate a person who is out of control so that they can be either taken into custody, safely transported to a hospital or simply grounded once again in reality?  Continue reading