The Manna and the Stone

A Theological and Practical Journal of Bible Presbyterians

Author: Jason Hutchinson

Well Off Target: ‘Systemic Racism’ and the Human Heart

Note: This article is written in part to respond to the uncritical use of terms such as ‘systemic racism’ in popular Reformed theology forums.  It is my position that using extra-biblical terms leads us to define our problems in unbiblical ways.

We hear a lot these days about the problem of systemic racism. Brought to the fore of the American mindset by our recent presidential race, systemic racism is Continue reading

Our Opinions Don’t Make Us Righteous


“Virtue signaling” is a new phrase in the syntax of the popular English lexicon. Coined by British columnist James Bartholomew, it is a phrase that has come to define the act of writing or saying something so that one may ‘indicate that they are virtuous’ based upon their position. Continue reading

Pursuing a Warm-Hearted Reformed Piety

Ian Hamilton has written that Calvinism is not “first and foremost a theological system; it is more fundamentally a “religious attitude.”[1] As any parent is fully aware, attitudes can be both agreeable and detestable among the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve. So it is with Calvinists as well. Hamilton’s statement begs the question Continue reading