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Conversations – 2/10/2017

John Owen’s Proposal

I scarcely understand this letter you have sent to me. Indeed, I scarcely understand half the things you say, be they ever so exalted.Mary Rooke (not really)

Just in case you need to start your weekend with a decent chuckle. No, it’s not real, but it’s absolutely spot-on. Continue reading

Conversations – 2/3/2017

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.Matthew 5:9

First up, I am sick of all the political vitriol being spewed by both sides. Let’s all be honest – precisely no one is surprised by what Trump has done. The liberal histrionics are built upon a feigned indignation – Trump has been substantially milder than his rhetoric (taken literally) would lead one to believe. The flag-worshiping, boot-licking contortions of conservatives to excuse every action of our new god-king are every inch as sad. I’m legitimately frightened by how violently the partisan divide in our nation is taking shape, and I do not use violence figuratively here. I’m unapologetically conservative, but “our” people are not making this situation better. When we spend our days smashing salt in already raw wounds, we shouldn’t be surprised when conversations are not productive. Continue reading

Conversations – 1/27/2017

Hi all, sorry for the lack of an article last week, but between travel for a seminary class and a stomach bug, I was pretty much out of commission. The articles this time will stretch back to the last Conversations, and actually a bit further, in one case.

Public Reading of Scripture – This is Continue reading

Conversations – 1/13/2017

I am altering the deal – pray I don’t alter it any further

Every previous rise of a so-called sexual minority came with its mantra “leave us alone,” but not with the transgender revolutionaries. Their demand is not “leave us alone,” but “notice us and pay for our expensive gender-reassignment surgery.” This is something very new.

Continue reading

Conversations – 1/6/2017

Happy New Year all, it’s good to be back. This Conversations is likely to be wider than thinner than some, since so much time has gone by since our last edition, but hopefully I can give you a few things to digest while you’re attempting to fulfill all those resolution about working out.

Also, being the new year, I’d like to encourage any of our regular readers in the BPC to consider producing content for the blog. It is still part of my vision for the blog that it would help the BPC to thrive and have a public voice, so having voices from diverse places within our denominational boundaries is vital to that success. Continue reading

Conversations – 12/16/2016

Coercion in the University – This is another Mortification of Spin podcast which follows up on a situation we mentioned in a previous Conversations concerning Anthony Esolen, a Catholic professor at a Catholic university. I mention this podcast mainly because it crystallizes Continue reading

Conversations – 12/9/2016

Journalistic Ethics  – This is today’s Briefing, so you’re getting this fresh from the tap. Mohler’s discussion of ethics, professional standards and worldview in journalism is extremely useful and frames many of the questions which we should be asking about the way we consume news. I am basically in agreement with everything he says here, but Continue reading

Loyalty in Voting

I realize this is too late to be of any immediate use to anybody, but I hope that our remove from the situation can help us to think through the issues more clearly. For what it is worth, this article is adapted from a paper written as a letter to a friend, so you can expect that voice throughout.

I know you’ve been getting hit hard with all your friends insisting that “voting third party is just a vote for Hillary,” but hopefully Continue reading

Conversations – 12/2/2016

Sorry that I missed you all last week, with the break, but happy to be back now. Continue reading

Conversations – 11/18/16

Hi all, just a few articles this week, but some substantial discussion about them. Hopefully there’s some food for thought here. Continue reading

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