I grew up in a suburban neighborhood, riding bikes and playing ball in the street in front and the cul-de-sac beside my home. In ball games, as is quite common, whoever brought the gear ruled. If Ringo brought the only baseball bat, even Paul and John had to fall in line… or go home.

Erin Keane, the managing editor at Salon.com, has recently excoriated Vice President Pence for being a hypocrite, nay, a raging hypocrite. One searches her article in vain for evidence of actual hypocrisy in the Vice President. One does, at any rate, find raging: that of a woman that simply doesn’t like her veep and what he stands for, as she’s involved in pressing a different and incompatible moral agenda.

From the pristine heights of her morality, she castigates Pence for acting according to his. The difference is that she thinks that Pence is *importing* his Christianity into the public square. She appears blind to the obvious fact that she, too, is *importing* her own into the selfsame public square.

For Ms. Keane, it is a “terrible thing” to oppose LGBTEct ideals and policies; it’s plain wicked to oppose a woman’s right to choose to murder the weak and helpless in her own womb. She’s quite willing to foist her morality on everyone else, but is outraged with others who might do the same. Now, what’s a feller supposed to call something like that?

Ms. Keane, it would seem, struts confidently into the cul-de-sac, thinking she brought the ball, bases, bats, the foul posts, and even the scoreboard. Don’t like it? Go home. Her morals will be propagated in the public square, but others are not afforded that liberty, not without her invective. There is, indeed, some raging hypocrisy in the air, but it doesn’t seem to be coming so much from the direction of the veep. It’s wafting over pretty heavy the other direction, from those blind to their own penchant of imposing their own puritanical morality on everyone else.

Tim Prussic

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