Coercion in the University – This is another Mortification of Spin podcast which follows up on a situation we mentioned in a previous Conversations concerning Anthony Esolen, a Catholic professor at a Catholic university. I mention this podcast mainly because it crystallizes many of the issues which we are likely to face in the coming years. We are being told, even in “private” spaces, like religious institutions, that adherence to historical Christianity (whether Catholic or Protestant) is entirely unacceptable. Please realize that this is not simply a question of the public sphere.

Hillbilly Elegy – Sadly, I have not yet read J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and a Culture in Crisis, but it did end up on a number of different lists for books of the year. The article linked (as well as the book itself) is an attempt to understand what is actually going on in our country behind the election of Trump and the crisis in rural communities. If you are like me, you’re struggling to understand what precisely our country is these days, and this is a part of the puzzle that I don’t find many people to be talking about. My inclination is to complain about universities and the liberal conquest of such, as the above podcast might suggest, but this is a dimension that doesn’t enter our discourse as often.

Christmas Break – The Manna and the Stone will be taking a break over the next couple weeks, into the new year, so that I can spend more time with family. You’ll hear from us again, starting in January, but thanks to all for being with us for our first, halting steps. I’d like to issue a call to the BPC community to consider whether or not you might be able to contribute to the blog over the next year, as I’d love to have a greater diversity of authors and perspectives to pull from. Please give the submissions page a glance if you’re considering it, and just know that I am quite happy to receive content of an occasional nature, rather than regular contributions. I love my regular contributors, and the blog could not survive without them, but everyone’s availability differs widely.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Jason Waeber

Jason Waeber is an elder at Grace Bible Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, OH, where he worships with his wife and three children. He is also a seminary student, under care with the Great Lakes Presbytery. As GBPC is looking forward to planting a church with him in the next few years, he felt called to develop the online presence of the denomination, both for outreach and the doctrinal maturity of the denomination. The Manna and the Stone is his attempt to pursue this. Currently, Jason is serving as the general editor for the site.

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