The cross is an offence to me.

It stands in direct

Contrast to all that

I cherish–

That is the love of myself.

Is it really necessary?

Can I not step to the left or the right?

Must I really accept what it represents?

It seems to cry out that I need a Savior.

It emphasizes that

I am a sinner unable to come to God

Without His grace.

It points out that I am dead

And there is no hope without it.

It stands heralding that without it my destination

Is hell.

It plainly proclaims that without it

I can never know the

One true God.

Oh, how my life is so empty without it,

So meaningless without it,

So dead without it.

I am greatly offended by the cross.

Come Lord Jesus,

I’m in desperate need

Of being offended

By Your Cross.

I am in dire need of You!

Tammy Peters

Tammy Peters

Tammy Peters is an elder’s wife and ladies’ bible study leader at Grace Bible Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, OH.She and her husband Hud have four grown children (three who are married and one a senior at Hillsdale College) and three-almost four-grandchildren.Tammy recently retired from the classroom and currently co-authoring an English grammar curriculum.
Tammy Peters

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