The Manna and the Stone

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Month: October 2016 (page 2 of 2)

Conversations – 10/7/16

The Decline of Religious Liberty – This article is remarkable not so much because it says anything which is genuinely new, but because it clarifies the heart of the issue going on in American public life at the moment. Continue reading

Rejecting a “Designer God”

Not long ago I spent a week in training for our region’s Crisis Intervention Team, focusing upon dealing with people who because of mental illness or disability are unable to respond rationally and calmly to the demands of life. The special emphasis of this training was upon these situations from the perspective of law enforcement. How can you de-escalate a person who is out of control so that they can be either taken into custody, safely transported to a hospital or simply grounded once again in reality?  Continue reading

The Inconvenience of the Bible

A few weeks back I spent 45 minutes listening to a popular mainstream author interview an older pastor. This pastor was advocating for Christians to treat a certain sin as acceptable and embrace those who actively live in it. As I listened to this pastor plead his case, it struck me towards the end Continue reading

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