(Inspired by Psalm 100)

A joyous, glorious, rapturous cry make unto the Lord Most High,

A shout of adoration do all the nations make.

Come, serve, and worship the Lord with gladness,

With a sacred joy,

With a heart of mirth,

With a soul of praise.

God alone is Lord; know this.

He can create and destroy,

Craft and disrupt,

Cover and displace.

His sovereign power formed man from a clod of mud and

Breathed life into him.

We are like His ignorant sheep

Needing care,

Needing constant tending,

Needing to be found when lost.

Our feeble frames He knows and sustains.

What could we possibly say or do or will

to even bring the honor due to His name?

Gates thronged with cries of joy,

With songs of thanksgiving,

With utterances of praises.

All tongues articulate a language framed to glorify Him and

Fill the courts with eternal praise

For the LORD is good.

His grace and mercy is vast beyond the measure of time and

His truth is firm beyond the

Line of human seed.

Tammy Peters

Tammy Peters

Tammy Peters is an elder’s wife and ladies’ bible study leader at Grace Bible Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, OH.She and her husband Hud have four grown children (three who are married and one a senior at Hillsdale College) and three-almost four-grandchildren.Tammy recently retired from the classroom and currently co-authoring an English grammar curriculum.
Tammy Peters

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